How we measure up
N.U.D.E. Approach

Here's what you get when you get N.U.D.E.:

Enthusiasm Mark-ups on externals (unless you're a tardy payer)
Passion Attitude
Creativity Egos
Blunt honesty Bullshit excuses
Measurement Politics
Results Crappy work
Pleasant surprises Tardiness
Un-marked up external costs (as long as you meet our 14 day payment terms) Reserved compliance telling you what you want to hear vs objective truth
Objectivity Designer suits & ties
Great work Bored
Good processes
Challenge to inward looking/navel-gazing behaviour
CSR focus
Corporate memory
A laugh
Valuable insights
Teamwork & collaboration

Money stuff & other mandatory N.U.D.E. business processes:

1. We don't mark up costs for external goods & services, and large value purchases will be invoiced to you directly from the supplier. In return, we expect our invoice payment terms (14 days) to be honoured. This works best for all as you don't incur loadings, we can pay our business partners quickly, and we don't have to stress about cash flow issues or chasing outstanding debts on behalf of cranky service providers.

2. You'll always get a written Brief and a Job Cost Estimate to approve (by signing & returning) before we commence spending your hard-earned. This largely eliminates any areas of subjectivity ("I didn't say that" or "I had no idea it was going to cost that much") and reduces the risk of costly re-work we like to get it as close to "right first time" as we can to maximise your investment and avoid wastage.

3. Once the Brief & Estimate are approved, we will commence working on the agreed task. If that involves creative development, we'll usually come back to you with rough concepts for approval before developing finished art or commencing production. Similarly, if the job involves strategy or program development, a draft will be presented to you for feedback to ensure we are all heading in the agreed direction.

From time to time, you or a nominated representative from you business may be required to attend production houses for material proofing or approval, and this may occur outside of standard business hours, especially where there is time pressure to meet an urgent deadline. We try to keep a healthy work-life balance but sometimes this just can't be helped.

4. Depending on the nature of the task or project, we usually charge for our craft and experience on an hourly basis and invoice you monthly. However, if there is merit in both you & us working to a contracted project or monthly fee, we will be pleased to explore this with you.

Job Cost Estimates & Invoices will be clearly itemised and we keep timesheets for all jobs, which are available for you at all times. The hourly rate covers all metro travel, reasonable telephone/IT and other telecoms and normal business consumables costs. Travel time may be charged for travel required outside metro areas.

5. The NUDE C.S.R.Charter

With a passionate belief in the increasing role and responsibility businesses must play in matters of societal & environmental responsibility, we donate 2% of our head-hours revenue to the following NFPs:

The Howard Florey Institute
Smith Family
Red Cross Australia
Cancer Council
Heart Foundation

If you have a preferred cause you'd like us to support, let's discuss it when we commence working together.

As a pioneer in South East Water's EcoPioneer Program, the NUDE office tracks and minimises greenhouse emissions and consumption through the use of energy efficient lighting and hourly energy & water consumption monitoring systems. We also utilise Australian FSC-certified recycled paper and recycle all possible materials.

Client Case Studies

Marketing & Communications
Evan Evans Group
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Strategic Planning & Facilitation
Roundhouse Entertainment
Littley Financial Services

Leadership & Cultural Development
PROV (Public Record Office Victoria)
Stonnington City Council