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N.U.D.E. Offer

Strategic Planning (turning intelligence into relevance)

We like to call this “turning intelligence into relevance”, but we're forced to use the more traditional “Strategic Planning” language to avoid flying in the face of search engine optimisation best practice!

Let's face it – most of us in small to medium sized businesses are so busy doing the day-to-day stuff that we often don't make the necessary time to take stock of what's really going on around us – and that's a recipe for disaster! That's where N.U.D.E. comes in. We help you take a step back and look at your business objectively, making sure you're not only doing things right, but that your business is also doing the right things.

Working with you, we undertake an evaluation of where you are now and where you want or need to be. This involves the following strategic planning steps:

- Review or establishment of a Vision & Mission, Values & Behaviours
- Environmental Scanning – competitors, research, culture, communications, CSR position, etc.
- Identification & Prioritisation of Primary Issues
- Skills/Core Competency gap analysis (internal)
- Objective setting (quantifiable and time framed)
- Strategy development (to achieve the objectives)
- Tactics development (includes ownership/responsibility)
- Testing framework
- Measurement framework (KPI's & reporting requirements)

Additionally, the following activities will need to be undertaken to ensure the roadmap is clear to everyone in your business:

- Staff incorporation (mandatory for commitment vs compliance)
- Collaboration (cross-functional)
- Executive/senior management active sponsorship
- Launch/sell in cascade (inform, involve, engage, embrace, embed)
- Dedicated communications program (key stakeholders).

You choose the level of involvement you'd like us to have. Whatever our involvement, from consulting, planning or facilitation to the development of all communications, you'll be glad you chose to get N.U.D.E.

Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Marketing & Communications

Leadership & Cultural Development