It began with a kiss
N.U.D.E. Story

First, the name. N.U.D.E. is not a reflection of our business dress code well not often anyway. It stands for New, Uncomplicated, Different & Effective which, from experience, are the four most sought-after approaches clients want from their business partners.

N.U.D.E. consists of partners Kym McInerney ("boy kym") & Kim Gasperino ("girl kim"), who along with a network of very experienced and brilliant freelance specialists and affiliated business partners, provide a range of communication, leadership & strategic planning services that deliver exceptional results.

Kym & Kim have a combined asset of over 40 years as marketing, communications and leadership professionals. Prior to becoming N.U.D.E. in 2002, they accumulated a wealth of experience working for and with brands including:

Mobil, Ford, Honda, Myer & Grace Bros, Officeworks, Fosseys, Target, GE Capital Finance, World Vision, Fly Buys, Make a Wish Foundation, Sancella, RACV, Jaguar, Parkinsons Australia (pro bono), TAC, Y&R Mattingly, Australian Altruism Foundation (pro bono & Board), State Bank SA/Bank SA, Rentlo, Bing Lee, Australian Defence Force, Proctor and Gamble, Home Hardware and Plants Plus, Pfizer, Coles Myer, Grey Direct (MD), Mattingly and Partners, Creative Marketing (GM), EWA Australia (MD), Amex, Volvo, Telstra, Cable & Wireless Optus, Anti Cancer Council Fundraising (Board Member), (plus other stuff such as ADMA Agency Council inaugural member, ADMA & AMI awards, international & local event speaker & facilitator, Leadership & Group Action trainer accreditation...)
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